Our Solution

Solution Overview

At the core, our solution is an extensive database of information about mobile devices, how to communicate with them and what capabilities they have. The database is updated daily by our in-house team of device experts, as well as with data from our partners.

Access to the database is handled either by our hosted web app or via our API. The hosted web app is branded to your liking, and even comes as a Facebook tab which you can include on your Facebook page.

You can view insights and statistics about your device landscape in the included administration interface, or even collect this data via our API to use in your existing CRM tools.

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Automatic Device Detection and Configuration

Automatic Device Detection (ADD) ensures that all devices moving through your network are correctly identified and then passed to the Automatic Device Configuration (ADC) module. Integrate with your network or SIMs.

Web apps ready to go

Start using our hosted web apps today powered by professional cloud hosting including automatic load-balancing. Both a publicly available version for your website and a more advanced version for your customer service department are included.


Configure APNs (Access Points) for internet connectivty, MMS, e-mail or WAP settings. Keep the devices connected to the online world and your services. Use SIM RFM to also update your customer’s SIM cards.

Gray-market support

Our solution even supports many gray-market devices without IMEI codes, imported outside of operator or MVNO control. Making sure that such devices are also configured correctly is a great way to increase revenue.

API access

Connect to all service via our API to build your own services or integrate with your existing software or infrastructure. The API comes with examples and templates for many popular programming languages, and extensive documentation.

Broad device support

With thousands of devices in our database, you are able to configure and provision almost any device in almost any market, all over the world.

Free updates

Our device knowledge increases every single day, with new devices and new features. As our customer, you benefit from all of our hard work without it costing you anything.

Social customer service

Your customers are on Facebook, and so are we. With our branded Facebook app, you can keep and even increase social interaction by directing them to the “Configuration”-tab on your page.

More than just APNs

We support application downloads, proxies, calendar subscriptions, contact information, bookmarks, start-pages and much, much more!


Our platform automatically scales with your needs. Both the API and the web apps are built on a robust cloud platform with auto-scaling and load balancing.

We know that reliability is key when it comes to configuration and provisioning, because you need to be there for your customers when they need you, and that the systems that your customer service agents use need to be quick and seamlessly integrated with their workflow.

'Scalability' also refers to how our system scales with your needs. First and foremost, it exists to make sure your customer's mobile devices are online and consuming your services.

That is why we've built a series of complementing services that fit naturally within the context of configuration and set up of new customers. Services such as contact lists, calendar subscriptions, app installation, mobile security and much, much more.


  • WAP/GPRS access points
  • MMS settings
  • Proxy access points and streaming
  • VoIP/SIP settings
  • E-mail account setup (POP, IMAP & Exchange)
  • Application installation
  • Application shortcuts to desktop
  • Deep-links to native app stores
  • Ringtone download and activation
  • Theme installation and activation
  • Set background image
  • Import data to the mobile calendar
  • Device location framework

  • Remote device wipe
  • Device notification sound and message
  • Public web app for set up
  • Login-based advanced app for customer service
  • SIM RFM toolkit and API
  • Device identification
  • Device capabilities
  • Fully cloud hosted or local instance
  • Automatic Device Detection
  • Automatic Device Configuration
  • SMS messaging framework

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30 day absolutely free trial. No obligation, no fees, no credit card required.